Homelessness in Jammu

Each and every living being on this earth has a right to a portion of this beautiful earth made by God to call his or her home.However no amount of development seems to be helping this section of society nor has any Government taken up this issue seriously or else we would not have had almost two million people in the country.
While there seems to be no dearth of land for making Rajbhawns and official residences for politicians and beauracrats in hundreds of acres of land governments seem to run out of ideas and land when it comes to making homes for the homeless.
In our own, city of temples, too it is pathetic to see these unfortunates sleeping under open skies while various trusts,organizations and the Government taking pride in making, renovating various temples giving no thought to God’s own creatures. It is most unfortunate to see people sleeping on pavements,staircases, outside temples, streets and even in pipes.
We may have bullet trains running but if we have famlies staying on platforms, can we really call it development or should we call it lopsided development. I dont know.
These people living and sleeping in the open include single men ,women, mothers the elderly and the disabled including a large number of mentally disabled particularly children. But yet we in India the land of Mahatmas and in Jammu the City of Temples do not give much thought to this serious human problem. There also seems to be lack of clearcut policy on rehabilating homeless people.
There are a large number of homeless people all over the country staying under flyovers all over the country since ages with the authorities turning a blind eye.
The question is why not use these open spaces under flyovers to make modified homes for the homeless to give them some protection from the vagaries of weather and the highhandedness of the police who ruthlessly shun them away during VIP visits and thereafter conveniently turn a blind eye once the visit is over.
With so many flyovers coming up in the City of Temples the Government would well to think in terms of using the open spaces under these open spaces to provide homes for the homeless instead of gardens and parkings.To begin with the various trusts looking after various temples should take the lead in initiating some action for rehabilating these gods own unfortunate people.
Col Vikram Bhasin