Home grown militancy

It is not surprising that some cops have been detained on allegations of being in cahoots with underground militant organizations like HM. Involvement of some cadres in the administration, too, is not surprising. From the very beginning, separatists and their fieldsmen have been successfully making dent in the state administrative structure and have been able to carry forward their subversive agenda. The surprising thing is that the higher echelons in police department are not strictly focusing on their duty and are not putting their professionalism to fullest use. When senior officers indulge in sycophancy and favour-seeking game, lower cadres feel free to do whatever they like. How come immediate superiors in the police are not aware of covert activities of the constables working under them? How come those policemen of constable ranks were able to establish close but clandestine liaison with officials in other departments and a nexus was created that fed the militant organizations with sensitive information? Where were the police and its intelligence chapters all these months and did not report the matter to the seniors? It would be advisable if joint inquiry by State police, Vigilance Organization and National Investigating Agency is conducted to probe not only in the matter of three constables under arrest but the entire gamut of involvement of numerous employees including CID that seem to have formed a nexus of subversives. It is not important who takes the credit of breaking the nexus. Security of the State and maintenance of peace especially when Kashmir is bracing up for Amarnath cave shrine yatra are of vital importance.


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