Himanta Biswa Sharma a progressive and visionary chief minister, says Assamese Diaspora

Washington, Feb 8 : Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma is a progressive and visionary leader under whose leadership the state is making tremendous progress in the socio-economic field, the head of Global Assamese Entrepreneurship Forum has said.
“Every leader has their quality and I would say Himanta Bisa, I call him Dada, he is a visionary. For every state or every country to grow, we need a leader who has a good vision. Himanta da has implemented so many good initiatives in Assam,” Anjana Bordoloi, head of the Global Assamese Entrepreneurship Forum (GAEF), a platform that connects all the entrepreneurs from Assam living across the globe, told PTI in a recent interview.
While a majority of the Assamese entrepreneurs are in the US, they are also spread out in countries like Canada, Singapore, Bahrain, all the Middle Eastern countries and Australia.
“It’s a free platform for all the entrepreneurs from Assam. It provides services like mentoring, networking, and helping them to create a business plan and how can they grow their own business. Those are the aspects that we cover in this organisation,” she said.
In the US there are about 3,000 Assamese families and about 200 in neighbouring Canada.
As part of their efforts to play a helping hand in the development of Assam, she said the GAEF, launched in 2022, is trying to collaborate with multiple government agencies or semi-government agencies in the state.
Responding to a question, Bordoloi said the stature and prestige of Assam has gone up in recent years, which is mainly attributed to the work of the chief minister.
“He has brought in merit in the system and transparency in the administration,” she said. “I would say Hemanta Da is a good leader and he has been bringing so many things to Assam. Now Assam is very visible everywhere,” she added.
“When I was a student, when I went to Bangalore, nobody knew where Assam was. They used to ask, where is Assam? But now when we call Assam, everyone knows about it. It is getting more visibility not only in India but also across the globe. I would say it’s been a huge improvement since then,” she said.
In addition to identifying, promoting and mentoring entrepreneurs in Assam, GAEF is also trying to do workshops for students and encourage more Assamese students to come to the United States for higher studies. “You will see very few students that come to the USA from Assam,” she said.
GAEF is also working with several Assamese organisations to promote and import products to the US.
This, she said, will help in creating jobs and boost the Assamese economy. (PTI )