Heritage preservation

The J&K UT is known for its composite cultural heritage. The traditional melas, festivals, yatras etc are held across the UT as a permanent feature. The people oriented events, being organized for over ages, play a significant role in exploiting, preserving and promoting the traditional folk, literature, song, music, dance, sports, attire, language, mutual ties between diverse communities/regions, communal harmony and so on and so forth. All such features and numerous more are the most valuable and inseparable part and parcel of our UT’s multifaceted heritage and culture. The glorious features make our UT more attractive, soulful, admirable and incredible.
To conserve, promote and explore the UT’s pround heritage and culture the people melas, festivals and the like should be encouraged by providing special funds and large participation of the UT Government, agencies. Generally such occasions are held in rural and semi urban areas. Thereby the ruralities particularly find golden opportunity at their door step to demonstrate their skills. It is their priceless service as well as contribution to the society at large. Otherwise, one cannot deny the fact that our heritage is dying rapidly and our identity is at the verge of extinction. Besides, heritage has a very deep meaning. It includes moral values also. If the heritage is left for extinction there would surely be moral degradation in the society. So, it is the fundamental duty of one and all at the helm of affairs to encourage and honour all such events/individuals/organizations who are doing marvellous task of heritage preservation and promotion. In fact, they are still holding tightly our deep roots an proud identity. Moreover, the unexplored and hidden heritage, tangible as well as intangible, scattered in the remote and unseen corners of the UT is also in danger. The honest and missionary approach for obvious reasons towards the undiscovered and untraced heritage is imperative.
Swatantra Dev Kotwal
District Courts Udhampur