Heart disease in rural areas

This is in reference to the news published in Daily Excelsior dated 21 March 2016, wherein   HoD  Cardiology while checking patients in a free health camp had said that cardiovascular disease is on the rise among the rural people, without moving to urban areas.
In a simple way we can say, less physical work and more comforts of the life. Another glaring fact revealed by Dr. Sushil, that despite higher rate of tobacco use in rural, the heart disease and diabetic rates are approximately half in rural area than in the urban India. We can attribute this to pollution free green environment in the rurality. The prevalence of cardiovascular disease, in rural is also increasing and emerging as a major cause of death. These revelations from specialist doctors are alarming and carry weight. How to counter the problem of these revelations should be the priority of the Government and as a measure should facilitate and update the existing infrastructure of rural hospitals. The awareness camps are required to be held in every Panchayat Halqa and in every school by health motivators. The existing approach in this direction is badly missing in rural areas and this sector stands almost neglected by health institutions.
The people living whether in urban or rural areas are required to be educated with regard to the necessity of preserving green gold of the Nation as environment pollution is acting as a catalyst for heart/lungs prone diseases. The better environment due to green trees is responsible for heart disease and diabetic rates approximately half in rural area than in the urban India, where people are living in societies of concrete jungles.
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Mahadeep Singh Jamwal


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