Heart attacks completely preventable: Dr Sharma

HoD Cardiology Dr Sushil Sharma examining patients at RS Pura on Sunday.
HoD Cardiology Dr Sushil Sharma examining patients at RS Pura on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Oct 6: Prevention is better than cure is an old adage and oft quoted by health practitioners. It holds special relevance in mitigating the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases of the numerous strategies to control the onset and/or rise of CVD, primary prevention pays maximum dividends since it is cost effective and can be emulated easily by population belonging to different socio-economic backgrounds. Primary prevention refers to lifestyle and behavioural changes that can be made in the absence of any known coronary artery disease and before a heart attack.
This was stated by HoD Cardiology GMC Jammu Dr Sushil Sharma at a camp today.
He said “some people think that heart attacks are an inevitable part of growing older. But there’s nothing inevitable about them and they are highly preventable. Although you lack the power to change some risk factors such as family history, sex, age – – There are some keys heart diseases preventions steps you can take to reduce your risk by  incorporating positive lifestyle comprising, eat a healthy diet, increase physical activity,  controlled weight, reduce stress, manage Blood Pressure, quit smoking and control diabetes. Incorporating these habits would go a long way in delaying or mitigating the burden of CVD.”
The medical camp was organised by residents of Brij Nagar, area of R S Pura. More than 500 people were screened, evaluated and diagnosed for various health ailments . Free medicines were also distributed as per the requirements.
Others who were part of this humane effort included, Dr. Abdul Hamied, Dr Saqib Samim  and Dr Syed Raheela. Paramedics and Volunteers who were part of the team included Dr Vivak  Arya (social activist), Vinayak Sharma, Vikas Kumar, Anmol Singh, Mandeep Singh, Maninder Singh, Amandeep Singh, Rohit Chalotra, Raghav Rajput and Raj Kumar.


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