Healthysure-ManipalCigna to launch flexi top-up

Mumbai, Oct 27:Healthysure has partnered with ManipalCigna Health Insurance to launch India’s first flexi top-up insurance which allows employees to personalise and upgrade their corporate health insurance plans.
By paying a nominal add-on premium, employees can upgrade their cover, which can even be continued in a personal capacity post-employment. They are thus able to eliminate the need of buying independent personal health cover and also save up to 90 per cent of premium spending.
”During Covid-19, we couldn’t help but notice a significant gap in an employee’s health insurance journey. A corporate health cover did not have sufficient coverage and also expired the moment an employee left the organization,” said Anuj Parekh, CEO and co-founder of Healthysure.
“We could all see the consequences of not having sufficient health coverage as hospital bills hit the roof during Covid. Our flexi top-up bridges that gap where an individual can upgrade their corporate sponsored cover and also convert their top-up cover into a personal base cover when they leave, he said.
Flexi-top up is powered through Healthysure’s technology platform through which a policy is issued digitally within 30 seconds of making a purchase. This policy does not require any extra loading premium for pre-existing diseases nor does it have a co-payment clause. Shashank Chaphekar. Chief Distribution and Technology Officer of ManipalCigna Health Insurance, added: Our commitment to making healthcare more affordable, predictable and simple, is a vision that we share with Healthysure.
“Hence, we are happy to partner with Healthysure to launch our flexible and customised ‘Flexi-Top Up’ health insurance plan. The plan is exclusively designed for Healthysure’s clients to deliver enhanced safety net of coverage, keeping in mind the growing high medical inflation rate, so that policyholders stays worry free when it comes to their and their family’s current and future healthcare needs. (UNI)