Headless and limbless Commissions

The Government is usually euphoric in announcing constricting of Commission for different services and categories in the name of facilitating administration and delivering justice. But a survey of existing Commissions will show that many of these are either without the head or without the members. How they run is a mystery. Constituting a Commission is meant to streamline functionality but the way these Commissions are treated not only denies the functionality but also means denial of justice. We may cite the example of State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC). Its former head S M Desalphine, a former IAS Officer of J&K Cadre, joined the State Electricity Regulatory Commission as its Chairman on November 16, 2009 and demitted office early last month on attaining the age of 65 years. Under existing rules six months before his retirement, the Government should have initiated the exercise of selecting his successor. It is now nearly two months nobody has been selected and the crucial Commission, which is charged with sensitive duties, remains dysfunctional. The Commission is supposed to supervise the functioning of the PDD. It is also the final authority to fix the tariff and other important decisions. How can the PDD run efficiently with the SERC remaining headless? Look at the power supply position in the State and especially in Jammu region.
This is not the only case in point. The State Human Rights Commission is headless for more than a year and a half. Will supplicants to the SHRC receive justice and fair deal in the absence of the Chairman? The victims of militancy were given assurances that the organization would mete out justice to them. These promises and commitments cannot come true. Likewise, the State Commission for Backward Classes has the Chairman while four other members are yet to be appointed. Will a lame Commission be able to do justice to the task assigned to it by the civil society? The way these Commissions are left to languish is disservice to the society. The Government should not let the limbs of administration and justice providing institutions wear out and languish. These have to be made pro-active. It is the duty of the Government to ensure that the organizations are invigorated.


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