Having a pure mind

Satbir Singh Kapoor

Though, there is no exact description of mind available, mind refers to the processes where the thinking, understanding analyzing, decision making, memorization etc… takes place. It is regarded as one of the higher functions of the brain and is the overall result of the soul (spirit) and body interface working in unison. Mind is a warehouse of thoughts that enables desires. Purity of mind is attained when our mind is naturally pure, is free from unnatural impulses or negative emotions which hinder our growth in all walks of life. Natural emotions are love, compassion, piety, pity, whereas unnatural ones are violence, anger, greed, deceit etc.
The human being is comprised of three components Mind, Body and Soul. For a healthy person, all these components need to function in an efficient and coordinated manner. Life is about living and about being happy with yourself and others around you; to be in harmony with your surroundings. Seers have said that most people’s mind are as hard as rock. Just as rock is impervious to water, a hard mind offers resistance to information and it prevents the flow of knowledge and action. The mind that is as soft and pliable as a sponge has the capacity for maximum absorption.
More than 5,000 years ago, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras had suggested that most of our problems are caused by our wayward senses and demands of the mind. Now modern science has also corroborated this fact-telling us that psychosomatic diseases created by the mind that manifest at a physical and mental level. One in four people in the world are affected by mental problems at some point in their lives.
Living a self-absorbed and self centered life is harmful to one’s development. Such a way of life leaves no room for receptivity. When you think of nothing but your own self, there is no room for learning or progress. When viewed through a scratched, dirty lens even the most pristine scenery look flawed. And so it is with your mind. A cluttered mind leads us to confusion and irreparable mistakes. Memories of events and moments take up a place in our solo conscious. Some memories make us happy and encourage us while many others cause us trouble and distract us. Therefore from time to time, you must take out time for some mental hygiene that is necessary to keep the mind clean. We often learn from our experiences, both good and bad. Good experiences move us forward while bad ones pull us back. Good feelings spur us on to believe that we will succeed in all our actions. This confidence fuels our life and we become happier every minute. Yet, at the same time, a single negative thought can spring up from nowhere and derail our life completely making us sulk and retreat into our shell. This negativity is so contagious that it infects our thoughts and actions. We just can’t seem to shake off our negativity it grows and eventually clouds our view of the world. This is the mental clutter or road block that we must guard against.
The mind must be receptive. A closed mind does not allow for progress whereas an open mind would know how to purify and soften the mind. A pure soft mind could help us access the divine life. Thinking positive isn’t enough, thinking divine is essential. Raising our self from the level of human thinking to divine thinking can soften and purify the mind. For this we should review the working of our mind at least three times a day. Was my mind aggressive or calm? Did my words and action hurt or bring joy to people? Self-review will cleanse the mind of all mental dirty ideas. Why should we be good and do good when others don’t respond the same way & what is the use of showing compassion? To help others is a humanitarian attribute; a compassionate nature is proof that you are human. The ideal of helping others is not a barter transaction, wherein you give something in exchange of something. It is just giving, and giving and not demanding anything in return. Don’t even expect a smile of gratitude in return.
Sometimes we do not find true happiness in spite of having huge wealth, big name and fame, a lot of friends and a lot of luxuries in life. We search happiness in material things and relations but could not find the real peace and contentment. The truth is that not only this birth, mind is in search of ANANAD (true happiness) from previous so many births of ours. Gurbani has solution to the problem, it says MAN TO JOT SAROOP HAI APNAA MOOL PASHAAN; MAN SAANT AAYEE VAJEE VADHAEE TA HO-AA PARVAAN (O My mind you are that- the true image of the divine light -know your reality).
Peace comes to you when you are absorbed in divine light, gladness resounds, then you shall be acclaimed.
All of us agree that God is pure, eternal bliss and another hard reality is that the ultimate destination of mind is submergence in divine light of God to experience PARAMANAND. But the mind with impurities like KAM (Lust), KRODH (Anger), LOBH (greed), MOH (Worldly attachment), AHANKAR (Pride), NINDAYA (Slander), could not be able to mix with divine light of eternal bliss. So we have to control our mind as taught wonderfully well by Lord Krishna in holy Bhagwat Gita.


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