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BJP, the leading constituent of NDA has been mounting pressure on Prime Minister to resign in the wake of irregularities highlighted in the CAG report pertaining to the auction of coal blocks at unreasonable rates causing huge loss to the national exchequer. They are disinclined to have a  parliamentary debate on the issue. The Government has rubbished the CAG report and vehemently rebutted the opposition charge that there has been scandalous endeavour to devour the national money.
The clamour and noise in the media  as well opposition blockade of the parliamentary proceedings have brought to the surface the futility of hanging on to the parliamentary democracy in India. There is a huge question mark on this system. People of India well deserve to seek workable solution to their ever tormenting query. Does the democracy suit the country with varied diversity in almost all socio-cultural segments, money centric, average stuff of politicians with visible bias of gender, caste and creed, lacking knack of healthy debate on the national issues.
UPA Government is a miserable failure  on all fronts. They have been caught napping in scams and scandals. People have the privilege to watch parliamentary proceedings. There should be healthy discussion on all burning issues observing proper decorum and etiquette as per the cautions and regulations of the Speaker. But the politicians indulge into tug of war with allegations and counter allegations on each other. BJP may be sighting an opportunity to stage a come back but this is not the right approach. Why they are scared of parliamentary debate on coalgate and other political misdeeds of the coalition in power. They will be well advised to prove the UPA wrong in the Parliament during the course of debate with masses watching the whole show, they should be defeated at the right forum otherwise you are projecting wrong signals of incompetence with self-defeating approach. The  country is already crumbling under the unbearable burden of inflation, therefore should not be exposed to midterm poll without viable substitute.
Yours etc….
P C Sharma
Trikuta Nagar


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