‘Happy Diwali’

My wardrobe is asking about new garments,
I said, just had new expensive fabrics a few days ago,
Nothing is to be worried about
I’m having a great collection.
The threshold of my house is saying something
Perhaps asking me to get the earthen lamps and candles
The smell of which is aromatic;
I sensed the matter
Buy some lamps rustic
And candles decorative
I light both with the matchsticks of hopes and love,
Joy prevails all around with the spread of light
No clouds of gloom and despair
No hatred and strife
Only the victory of light over darkness.
My tounge asks me to enjoy the cuisines exotic
The nose wants to inhale the fragrance of flowers fresh;
The bright colours of rangoli
And the firecrackers
All are saying with zeal and zest that
Diwali is just round the corner
So, let me have some gifts packs now
And wish you all ‘Happy Diwali.’
Alka Sharma
Rehari Colony




Can you find Him anywhere?
Is He regretting his creation of mankind?
Is He weeping or peeking from somewhere?
Or is he planning to make a new find ?
Where is He, the protector?
Are we here as His subjects ?
Or puppets with strings held tight?
Is that carpet of blue His eyes?
Or His right extension? Is he the apt director?
If yes, then is this a vivarium?
Or is He concerned ?
Descending on earth Why doesn’t He make everyone quiet?
Silent as if nothing had occurred
Fear or love He can use all, Right? Honey Sharma


Give your Best……


When clouds are dark,
Hope for rain
When you feel tired
Think about gain
When you have stress
Pray for thrills
When underestimated ,
Rejuvenate your skills
Oops, forgot your potential
Remember your grace
Ask God to raise
Ah…! Need praise
When , it’s late
Make new start with fate
Behind every sorrow, there is smile
Dun worry , it’s coming to you in short while
Keep on giving your best
Trust, God will never allow you to take rest
Yes, it’s hard time
DEAR STAR….Definitely, you will shine
When emotions got week
With words like sword
Yeh ! Every sin or sinner
Is being watched by Lord
If feeling insulted
Feel your parent
You are special
With extraordinary talent
When every one Quit
Then show your card
Get Up, Excel, work hard
Nrityashree Deepak Dutta
Dance Exponent
Army Public School, Samba