Guv appeals for peace and normalcy on the eve of I-Day

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Governor N N Vohra today appealed to all segments of society to shed differences and work together to secure peace and normalcy and settle all outstanding issues through dialogue and discussion.
Vohra in his message on the eve of Indepence Day here said, that for securing an environment of peace and normalcy, which is imperative for speedy socio-economic development, the state government would need to deal effectively with all factors and forces which encourage confrontation, regionalism, communalism and any kind of divisiveness.
Greeting the people on the eve of 69th Independence Day, the Governor paid homage to the great leaders who made enormous sacrifices and carried out a prolonged struggle to liberate India from the colonial yoke and secured freedom for the country.
Vohra said in the past nearly seven decades, since Independence, the country has achieved notable all round development.
“We can be rightly proud of the commendable progress gained in various spheres, which has enabled India to emerge as the fastest growing economy in the world”, he said.
Referring to the people who are still denied the fruits of progress, he said it is unfortunate that a significant percentage of our population still continues to subsist below the poverty line.
To ensure that all our people are enabled to lead satisfied and productive lives, free of worry and neglect, it is necessary to ensure that future growth and development is effectively inclusive and particularly encompasses those segments of our population which have continued to remain socially and economically neglected, he added.
The Governor said Pakistan has still to respond to India’s repeated initiatives to engender an environment in which the two countries can enjoy friendly, peaceful and prosperous relations.
“It is unfortunate that continuing support to subversive and terrorist activities from across the borders has, over the years, resulted in thousands of innocent lives being lost and a large number of Police, Central Armed Police and Army personnel laying down their lives to safeguard the security of the State,” Vohra said. (AGENCIES)


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