Gupta asks Central agencies to probe police recruitment drive

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, May 29: The former Union Minister and M.L.A, Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta has expressed his great resentment over the sad treatment being met to the unemployed youth, including many highly educated especially those of Jammu region in so called drive for police recruitment.
Prof Gupta has also sought a deep look by the Central agencies about long-term implications of loading the force with the ultras and trained persons in Pakistan training camps.
Commenting upon the reports from Kathua and other areas of Jammu that many youths are getting raw deal in the said drive for recruitment in the police force, Prof. Gupta said that this much claimed recruitment on the spot, has been launched in the Valley of Kashmir for a long time now but little such recruitment has taken place in Jammu areas.
He pointed out that as per official statements provided in the State Assembly, the recruited persons in the Valley belong to only one community alone. And, there are also reports that several of the such recruited persons included those who were involved in secessionist activities and also those who had obtained trainings in Pakistan camps before they returned back to their places.
Prof. Gupta said that it is not a bad idea to fully entrust the law and order task to the state police actually it is meant for it, but at the same time the experiences of the past should not be ignored.
What had happened in 1947, 1965 and then in early Nineties in wake of break out of militancy in the valley of Kashmir can’t be ignored, he said.
He further said that the behavior of Kashmir Armed Police in Jammu areas has never been above board. The recent incidents of Rajouri and snatching of Rifles by the ultras at some places, should also be kept in view while raising an armed force. “Moreover, we are a part of a secular country and this secular approach must be there in while raising such a force” he added.
The list of allegations about discrimination against Jammu and Ladakh is a lengthy one but in the raising of the belt force, such an approach should be avoided but it is unfortunate that in the on going police recruitment drive this aspect is being ignored totally, he added and stressed for making such a recruitment transparent and strictly under some rules and regulations.


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