Gujjars, Bakerwals be also invited to talks: Hakla

Excelsior Correspondent

POONCH, May 14: Shamsher Hakla Poonchi prominent Gujjar Leader and intellectual of J&K urged to Prime Minister of India to bring about a solution of Kashmir tangle so that an early and lasting peace in the State be restored and thereby continued militancy might be brought in an end.
Hakla Poonchi has appealed to the Prime-Minister of India that while initiating any dialogue on solution of Kashmir problems, Gujjar-Bakerwals community must be included in the talks.
Hakla said, excluding Leh and Kargil district, the Gujjar and Bakerwals community resides in 20 (twenty) districts of the J&K State. . The needs and the problems of Gujjar and Bakerwal are of peculiar nature, that the culture and language of Gujjar and Bakerwals community is different and as such the community has a distinct identity.
There is a population of Gujjar and Bakerwals community over 34 lakhs in the State. Gujjar and Bakarwals mostly resides in far-flung, hilly and mountainous areas near forest and on the LoC.
Gujjar and Bakerwals community is economically, socially, educationally and politically backward Shamsher Hakla said, in the process of determining the fate of the State the opinion of Gujjars and Bakerwals should also be considered. The Gujjar leader said, it is imperative on the part of Government to invite Gujjars Bakerwals in discussions otherwise no decision would be acceptable by this community.


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