Gravity of Pollution

This has reports that in the down town of Srinagar , fish in worrying number are jumping out of the River Veth (Jehlum)  particularly at one or two places. They are found to be struggling for life  and wriggling to be rendered lifeless and die immediately. Such a situation has so far been never witnessed in Kashmir excepting a few known species of fish in the Dal lake having gone extinct.
Though many people who watch this worrying spectacle collect many of such fish for their plates may surely not be feeling as satisfied as they would otherwise, had they purchased the stuff in normal course.
Is it indicative of the waters of the historically famous ancient river flowing through the valley having got as much polluted so as to find the fish feeling chocked and suffocated for oxygen or not bearing the poisonous effects of the effluents discharged into the river? As is well known that the source of  the river  is the world famous Verinag ,  the abode of natural sweet fresh water with ancient historical cum religious significance.
It is  only for the people to  understand the gravity of how pollution is affecting the air, water and everything and must respond to the warning bells in close cooperation with the government which must now bring legislation to save natural heritage.
Yours etc…
Mushtaq Ahmed


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