Govt should stop installation of Smart Prepaid Meters: CCI

CCI president Arun Gupta talking to media persons at Jammu on Saturday. - Excelsior/Rakesh
CCI president Arun Gupta talking to media persons at Jammu on Saturday. - Excelsior/Rakesh

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Aug 5: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), Jammu has called upon the Government to address the ongoing concerns surrounding the installation of Smart Meters in the Jammu region.

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Talking to media-persons at the Chamber House today, Arun Gupta, president CCI Jammu raised pressing issues related to inflated power bills and sought transparency and clarification from the Government.
Expressing deep concern, he emphasized the urgent need for clarity on the escalating power bills that have caused distress among the populace subsequent to the installation of new Smart Meters. He questioned the necessity of replacing the existing Digital Meters with Smart Meters, urging government to verify the authenticity of these devices. He highlighted the importance of discerning the discrepancies between the old and new power bills.
Drawing attention to the potential misuse of Digital Meters, CCI president underscored the Government’s responsibility to elucidate the reasons for this transition and address the concerns of consumers who lack access to information regarding these meters.
Gupta also voiced apprehensions about the placement of meters on poles, which has generated unease among the general public. He proposed an alternative approach, suggesting that new Smart Meters should be installed within consumers’ homes, as per the past practice, to alleviate such concerns.
He also resented over move of Government to switching from Smart Meters to Prepaid Meters within a short timeframe, he argued that this abrupt shift can cause undue mental distress to power consumers, terming it as direct attack on their fundamental rights.
The CCI president appealed to the Government to immediately halt the ongoing process of Smart Meter installations until the raised concerns are effectively addressed. He also demanded that the Government should come up with one time amnesty scheme for commercial users as they are the worst sufferers after the abrogation of article 370 and 35A and also due to Covid-19.
The other office bearers present in the press conference include Anil Gupta- senior vice president, Rajeev Gupta- junior vice president, Manish Gupta- secretary general, Rajesh Gupta- secretary and Rajesh Gupta- Treasurer.