Govt, BJP want peace in Kashmir valley, but insist on showing firmness

NEW DELHI: Amid serious differences that erupted between the BJP and the PDP in the Jammu and Kashmir Government on dealing with the law and order situation in the militancy-hit state, the saffron party leadership and Home Ministry are now exploring on various norms to fight militancy and ease the tension there.

“The moment, the locals are made to understand the importance of peace; there will be improvement in the situation,” a party source said and pointed out that it is in this connection BJP chief Amit Shah has underlined that leaders from Jammu region including the elected MLAs should visit the valley.

Mr Shah, according to sources, directed party leaders not to remain confined to their assembly constituencies, but visit the remote areas of Kashmir, and address to the problems facing them”.

In the meantime, the Government is also talking to various security experts and military commanders. (AGENCIES)


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