Govt aiming to increase scrap share in steel making to 50 pc by 2047 to aid green steel initiative: Scindia

KOLKATA, Jan 24: The Government is aiming to increase the share of scrap in steel making process to 50 per cent by 2047, Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia said on Wednesday.
The Steel Minister emphasised on usage of scrap in steel making as manufacturing the metal through scrap and other waste products is less polluting and termed it as a step “towards green steel initiative”.
“As per our Ministry’s vision 2047 document, in the next 25 years, the percentage of scrap will be 50 per cent along with the balance 50 per cent as iron ore,” Scindia said at the 11th International Material Recycling Conference in Kolkata.
Use of scrap not only reduces the use of natural resources but also cuts emission by 25 per cent in comparison to the primary route of steelmaking, the minister said addressing through a video message.
More scrap would be needed in the future to reduce emission and produce green steel and for this to happen there is a need for environment-friendly formal scrapping centres, Scindia added.
Today, around 25 million tonnes of scrap are produced in the country and around 5 million tonnes are imported, he said.
Besides, various waste byproducts generated during mining and steel making can also be effectively used in cement manufacturing, road construction and agriculture, the minister said.
Scindia further said, “Our steel sector is known as a hard to abate sector…With an emissions intensity of 2.55 tonne of CO2 per tonne of crude steel produced.”
At present, scrap contributes around 30-35 per cent to India’s overall steel production, Sanjay Mehta, President, Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI), said.
“India has the potential to become a global leader in recycling, given its vast population and the increasing awareness of the importance of sustainability. The recycling industry in India has the potential to create jobs, reduce the impact of waste on the environment, and contribute to the country’s economic growth,” Mehta said.
Around 2,000 delegates from across 35 nations have attended the two-day conference which focuses on increasing usage of scrap to promote circular economy, help India achieve the net zero goals and minimising impact on the environment, Mehta said. (PTI)