GLTF protests delay in adjustment of Masters promoted in Feb 2014

General line teachers during a protest near Press Club, Jammu on Wednesday. -Excelsior/ Rakesh
General line teachers during a protest near Press Club, Jammu on Wednesday. -Excelsior/ Rakesh

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Feb 8: General Line Teachers Forum (GLTF) today held a strong protest here near Press Club against the Education authorities for delay in adjustment of Masters who were promoted in February 2014.
Speaking on the occasion, Neeraj Sharma, State president of GLTF, lambasted the tall and hollow claims of the Government regarding the transparency in its functioning. He stated that nepotism and favourtism policy going on in the previous Government has been adopted by the new Government as well, which has failed to deliver justice to the employees particularly the teaching community.
He stated that the teachers who were promoted as masters in February 2014 have not been adjusted despite lapse of three years from the date of holding DPC. Sharma stated that the teaching community is unnecessarily being harassed by the Government by failing to act upon its own order for the three long years.
Sharma said that the 3000 posts of Master are lying vacant in the Education Department. Not to talk of filling up the vacant posts of Master, the present Government has failed to adjust teachers who were promoted three years back. He said that the teachers are the main stakeholder in bringing the desired change in the Education sector but the Government instead of redressing the most genuine demands of the teachers is forcing them to resort to agitations.
Mrignayani Slathia, Women wing president, stated that the Education Department owes an explanation to the teachers for the unreasonable delay caused by the department in the implementation of the order whereby 1193 teachers were promoted as masters.
She said that the Education Department has adjusted junior teachers as master whereas the seniors who did not have any political backing are still working as Teachers and they have been deliberately and intentionally made juniors.
Kanchan Meenia, president, Women Wing of Kathua association, said that if the Government fails to adjust the teachers promoted as masters with effect from the date the 165 teachers out of 1193 teachers were adjusted within a week’s time, the General Line Teachers Forum shall be forced to go on hunger strike.


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