GGM College

Government Gandhi Memorial College, Jammu is the oldest and a historic educational institute of Jammu. Many well known personalities of Jammu region have been its alumni. It has seen the ebb and eve of the history of Jammu and the State. Incepted in 1907, this college changed many names first it was called Shri Maharaja Pratap Singh Degree College, then Prince of Wales College, and finally Government Gandhi Memorial College.  In 1910, Prince of Wales, who later on became King George V, visited Jammu for two days and the college was named after him. The present site of the college was originally intended to be spread out on 65 acres of land which, later on, after a revision of the original plan, was reduced to the present size because, it was argued that owing to scarcity of funds, it may not be possible to look after the maintenance of a huge area of65 acres.
GGM College is part of the history of Jammu. Being the first degree college of Jammu region, it has had the distinction of producing many illustrious sons and daughters who made their name in making the history of Jammu. The site of the college where it stands now was originally selected by Maharaja Pratap Singh. The main considerations in selecting the existing site was plain ground suited for an educational institute, availability of water from the Ranbir Canal flowing nearby for irrigating the lawns and play ground of the college and abundance of vegetation and trees to make the look of the college environs very attractive. The history of GGM shows that Maharaja Pratap Singh had taken great care in selecting the site and keeping a track of the construction and development of this college. In fact GGM College is among the heritage sites of Jammu because so much history is attached to it. The original plan was prepared by a British engineer Swinton Jacob by name though later on some modifications were made in it. This is the oldest educational institute in Jammu as is testified by the old style structure of the college. The college has seen many historical events taking place under its precincts. Conspicuously, this institution at one time remained the hub of political demonstrations of the student bodies if and when such demonstrations were made to make the Government concede one or the other demand of the student community. GGM College, as we said, is part of the vibrant history of Jammu and the people of the town, especially the older generation, are somewhat nostalgic about it.


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