Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

So, you might have your vacation all organized and planned out, and you’re pretty excited about it. (And of course, you’ve prepared yourself to plan your travel on Jet Airways promo code.) But, in the midst of all the planning and purchasing, there might be something you’re forgetting. Dear, you’re forgetting about travel insurance. This now raises the question: why should you even think of getting it?

There are some common reasons why you should consider getting insured for travel. You can think of times when a natural disaster comes, and you are suddenly met with the news that your flight has been cancelled. In times like this, of course your airline might not refund you for any of your expenses for the said flight. But, if you have travel insurance, then your chances of having your expenses refunded are increased significantly.

A second reason is when you miss your connecting flight. (An experience that’s even more unfortunate than failing to avail of that rare Expedia promo code.) When you’re on your way to a particular country and you missed your connecting flight, then this might already be a reason for despair, under different circumstances. For the person with travel insurance, however, you can actually get these inconveniences covered and refunded.

A third reason why you should be getting travel insurance when a terrible tragedy occurs in the country where you are supposed to go. An example of this is when a natural disaster occurs in that country, and they are currently unable to receive visitors. Given how bad it is, it may get worse if you realize in the midst of all the fear and suffering that you forgot to apply for travel insurance. Because of this, it would be really good to be insured, especially when going anywhere abroad.

Travel insurance is also incredibly useful in times of terrorist attacks. While that alone is scary enough, you might be even more scared knowing that you do not have any money to back you up for all your travel expenses. Knowing how terrorist attacks have that tendency to strip you down to your most vulnerable state, it will most likely lift your spirits a little higher upon realizing that you did manage to acquire financial protection through insurance.

At the end of the day, travel insurance is really worth getting. While everyone around you will probably try and convince you that it’s just an additional burden, you will most likely thank yourself for not listening to them as soon as you experience some particular disaster, one whose effects you can mitigate only with the money and coverage you get from travel insurance.

Travel Insurance: Things to Remember

Remember to plan and think ahead. There are many possible images that you can think of to justify this, such as when you choose to bring an umbrella even when it’s not raining yet, because it just might rain. Never ever put it off for the last minute. In truth, this will actually be highly useful especially in cases like if your travel group goes bankrupt or the trip gets cancelled for any untoward reason. In this case, the insurance provider will be glad to refund you your trip cost and the ticket cancellation cost.

Remember to pay attention to the details and be sure that you’re getting the correct policy. As a traveller, you have to be able to know exactly what your needs are, and the nature of the country that you’ll be in. When making your purchase, make sure that the duration of the policy is correct and covers the day of your departure till the day of your arrival back to your hometown. Additionally check that the policy you’re buying has adequate coverage for all the things you need coverage for.

Remember to know, or at least, to familiarize, the intricate details of your coverage and refund policy. Too many people forget to take note of this, but here’s the truth: it’s always a good idea to know the cancellation terms and conditions on your insurance. Most travel insurance providers let you cancel the policy within 14 days of issuance if you haven’t got your Visa approved. In case you are unable to travel due to lack of a valid Visa then you can get a refund against your travel insurance policy.

The Flip Side: What NOT to Do

If there are things which you must remember to do when purchasing travel insurance, there are also a few things which you must remember to not do. Never doing these things enumerated below would assure you of a smoother process of application and claiming.

The first thing you must never do is to underestimate the value of travel insurance. You’ve probably met some people who said it was not important. Well, these people are obviously wrong. Sooner or later in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of your sightseeing trips, you are bound to experience or encounter some untoward incident, and this is the time when travel insurance is sure to come in handy.

Second, do not even think of withholding significant medical information upon application. Always remember to tell the truth about your medical conditions. If there are existing ones, declare them, so that your plan and policy may be designed according to your correct state of health. This is important because upon claiming, the company needs to know if your condition is pre-existing or if it was really caused by your stay in that new country. A pre-existing condition will less likely be honored for insurance claims.

Third, you must never ignore the fine print in your policy agreements. Know what you’re getting yourself into, know what you’re signing up for. When you plan on purchasing a policy, make sure to read all the Terms & Conditions properly to know what events and things are covered under your insurance policy and also learn of all the exclusions so there are no confusions and disappointments when you make a claim and it ends up rejected.

Getting Ready for Your Trip

Now that you’ve mastered the art of travel insurance (or the science of it, probably), you can finally move on to the more practical side of really purchasing and booking your accommodations. Make sure that upon doing so, you are wise enough to get good deals and offers. (Here’s a bonus tip before you finish reading this: check out all the things you can do with a HomeAway promotion code. You won’t regret it.)


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