German authorities detect cyberattacks on lawmakers, armed forces, embassies – Reports

MOSCOW, Nov 30: E-mails of several German lawmakers, the Bundeswehr and several German diplomatic missions have been targets of recent cyberattacks allegedly conducted by Russian hackers, media reported, citing the German domestic security agency BfV.
In October, German authorities said that the 2017 attack on the country’s Foreign Ministry had been conducted with the use of the so-called Snake malware which Berlin said it attributed to Russian sources.
The Spiegel newspaper reported on Thursday that German counterintelligence had detected new cyberattack while it was investigating into the Snake attacks.
The outlet claimed, citing preliminary data, the Russian group dubbed Snake or Turla was allegedly behind the recent attacks. The newspaper, however, failed to provide any evidence proving that the Russian hackers were behind the incident. (AGENCIES)


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