GCPFJ urges Modi Govt to remove caste-based discrimination

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Dec 15: General Category People’s Forum Jammu (GCPFJ) urged the Modi Government to shun the policy of discrimination and focus on removing existing caste-based discrimination against so called upper castes.
Addressing a meeting of the Forum which was held under the chairmanship of Raj Kumar Banathia, chairman of the Forum, Yash Paul Sharma, President of the Forum, said that the election results of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh went against BJP because it took its traditional vote-bank for a ride and ignored Swarn castes in every sphere.
“The attitude of Modi Government and its behavior of promoting casteism and communalism ignoring the fundamental principles of equality, justice and liberty for the lust for power proved fatal”, Sharma said. He added that the pampering and appeasement of the some castes and ethnic groups for political gains and nullifying the legal and genuine verdict of Supreme Court of India on SC/ST Atrocity Act caused anger and discontentment against Modi Government.
“The upper castes (Swarn Castes in the elections voted against BJP and used NOTA to teach a lesson to MP,’ Sharma said, adding that Swarn Castes are no more ready to tolerate caste-based discrimination against them.
Som Nath Sharma, general secretary of the Forum, demanded ending of caste-based reservations, special privileges, quotas and other concessions. He demanded, equal rights and equal laws for all to make India a secular nation in real sense. He stated that birth in a particular caste should not be a qualification or a disqualification.
Raj Kumar Banathia, in his address, said that BJP failed to win states elections because of anger expressed by Swarn Castes against the promotion of casteism, cynical minorityism, communalism and appeasement policies. He alleged that Modi Government distanced itself from Swarn castes – its core constituency which harmed the party.
Vijay Kumar Sharma, Bhushan Pargal, Deepak Khajuria, Capt Tulsi Dass and Jagdish Dora also spoke on the occasion.


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