Gaurav urges Govt to declare summer vacations for schools

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, May 22: Gaurav Gupta, former General Secretary of Chamber of Commerce, Jammu, has appealed the Government to declare immediate summer vacations for all schools within the Jammu Division due to the ongoing extreme heatwave.
In a statement, issued here today, Gaurav Gupta praised the Divisional Administration for their proactive decision to curtail school timings from 8 AM to 12 Noon in response to the severe heatwave conditions. He emphasized that while this measure is commendable, further steps are necessary to ensure the health and safety of school children.
“The current temperature and heatwave pose significant health risks, especially to young children who are vulnerable to heat-related illnesses. In light of the extreme weather, it is imperative that there is dire need to take additional precautions to protect our students from the direct effects of the sun and the oppressive heat,” he added.
Gaurav Gupta strongly advised the concerned authorities to declare summer holidays for all educational institutions in the Jammu Division. He highlighted the urgent need to safeguard children from the adverse impacts of the extreme temperature, which have reached record highs for this time of year.
He also noted that the neighbouring state of Punjab has already declared summer vacations for all schools due to the extreme heatwave conditions. “We must prioritize the well-being of our children during these extraordinary weather conditions,” he added.
Gaurav urged the Government to act swiftly and declare summer vacations to prevent any potential health hazards caused by prolonged exposure to this severe heat.