Gaurav Gupta attributes PM Modi for increased voter turnout

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, May 14: Gaurav Gupta, the former General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jammu, praised the voters of the Srinagar Lok Sabha constituency for their remarkable participation in the recent elections, achieving the highest voter turnout of 38 percent since 1989.
In a statement issued today, Gupta expressed his gratitude to the residents of Srinagar for exercising their right to vote in large numbers, marking a significant milestone in the region’s democratic journey.
He highlighted the historic nature of this turnout and its importance in fostering a vibrant democratic culture.
Gupta attributed the restoration of democracy in the Valley to the policies and initiatives of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government.
He commended PM Modi for his dedication to ensuring the democratic rights of all citizens, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir.
He also acknowledged the role of Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha in facilitating peaceful polling in the region.
Gupta noted the absence of boycotts and strikes during the polling process in Kashmir Province for the first time, viewing it as a testament to the positive strides toward stability and inclusivity.
Gupta affirmed that Jammu and Kashmir is witnessing unprecedented progress and development under PM Modi’s leadership.
He expressed optimism about the region’s future, emphasizing the transformative impact of government policies.
He also commended the efforts of the Election Commission of India (ECI), District Administration, Police Department, and security forces for ensuring peaceful conduct of the Lok Sabha polls.