Game of petty politics

Whosoever has said that there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics, but permanent interests knew what they were talking about. The hustle and bustle among various stakeholders to assert their legitimate claim in forming the next Government in J&K has proven the fact that the elections were contested with the promises made to be broken, just like manifestos.
Nothing turned out to be true as during election time, candidates campaigned against each other by exposing the weaknesses and incompetence of rival parties and out rightly rejecting the convents of tall claims made to the common men in their disquisitions. Now the same foes tried to form a coalition of convenience leaving their followers and supporters thunderstruck. I am here talking about the two major regional rivals PDP and NC, ideologically sworn enemies in state politics like BJP and Congress in the Centre.
Both NC and PDP have realized their mistake by boycotting the recently held MCs and Panchayat elections which simply gave BJP a chance to clean them bowl in their home turf.
In politics, such spurns will not swing any change on ground and the present political crisis leading to a war like situation is inevitable. Let’s see who stands where and with whom and which way the wind blows?
Dr Vikas Jamwal
(Kamdhenu Homz) Jammu


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