Game or suicide

The dreaded blue whale game is taking lives of young people and those who managed to save their lives are going through a mental trauma. This discussion is going through all over the country, but is this the end of our responsibility towards our children? Are we supposed to sit silently at home, being totally dependent on our government to take some serious action against it? Nowadays, children have started feeling isolated in their own families because their parents are leading very busy lives. There are not as much oversight of what their children are doing and hence, children tend to seek validation outside. They come under peer pressure to play this game and it starts violating the person’s vulnerable state of mind. Now this is the time when parents need to oversee their children’s lives and to connect them with something which is larger than them, a bigger goal in their lives, something which make them feel as if they’ve achieved something in their lives. They have to make them feel that achieving victory in such cases cannot be the ultimate goal of their lives and they need to stop feeling isolated in society, as their parents and teachers are always there for them. They need to understand that at the end of the day, all the control of their lives is in their own hands and it’s up to them how they want to lead their lives ahead.
Yours etc….
Niyamika Singh
IIMC, Jammu


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