G-20 meeting not in Jammu

Farooq Abdullah has raised the question why G-20 meet is scheduled for Kashmir and Ladakh only and not for Jammu? It is a pertinent question. There are some glaring reasons why G-20 meeting is organized in Kashmir. Firstly, the proposed meeting is specifically meant to promote tourism in G-20 countries. Kashmir not Jammu is a world-renowned tourist destination. Millions of Kashmiris are connected with the industry. PM wants Kashmir to be high on international tourism map.
Secondly, Kashmir Valley was the main target of insurgency and separation movements jointly sponsored by Pakistan in collaboration with its predetermined jihadist moles among the majority community in Kashmir Valley. On the instance of local government, in which Farooq Abdullah and his NC had a very prominent role, the Indian state quelled the armed insurgency and is addressing the task of winning back the separatist elements.
The Indian State wants the world to know through G-20 representatives what havoc our western neighbour had wrought on Kashmiris by exporting terror to the valley through such Pakistan-based terrorist organizations as stand designated by the UN and USA. Thirdly, India wants the world to know that there is development by leaps and bounds in Kashmir in post-370 and 35-A era. That is the way how misguided people will be won over.
India has to give a lie to false and baseless anti-India propaganda unleashed by our hostile western neighbour in tandem with their local moles and agents, who call themselves the leaders of “traditional mainstream political parties.” The message is also meant for the people of PoK and Gilgit-Baltistan region who are engaged in a bitter struggle to wriggle out of the tyrannical clutches of those who are using their homeland for the terrorists to cause ravages to their compatriot in Kashmir valley in the name of religion.
K N Pandita