Frolic Theatre Fest concludes

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 8: Frolic Theatre Festival organized by Samooh Theatre concluded today. On the last day two short plays were performed by Hardeep Dance and Culture Society and Samooh Theatre.
The first performance of the day was Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Sultan under the direction of Aditya Bhanu. The Play was performed under the banner of Hardeep Dancing Institute. The one-act play, which brought famous Marathi playwright into the limelight when it was published in 1967, is about one rich businessman Raj Shekhar who is an addict of drugs and alcohol. He has tamed a lion whose name is Sultan. Each of three characters which surround Raj is there to fulfill their needs. The Doctor, who administers morphine to Raj at his beck and call, is there because he needs money for the treatment of his wife who is suffering from cancer. Raj’s girlfriend Julie is pregnant and wants to marry him. The Saffron-clad Swami Jee’s interest is in getting the donation for his Ashram.
Raj believes that death is an ultimate truth so there’s nothing to fear. The regular use of drugs has turned him psychic and sadist. He enjoys harassing the three characters by playing with their emotions. Ultimately he injects morphine to all of them and shoots his tamed lion Sultan. In the climax he injects himself shots of morphine and shoots himself.
The Artists who performed in the play were Aditya Bhanu, Devanshu Raina, Rishab Manhas and Shafali Biwas.
The last performance of the festival was “Chal Kapat Dokha Cheating…” was performed by the team of Samooh Theatre. In today’s society, cheating is everywhere, every person thinks that cheating is their first right, they possessively say that when God carnations came to earth, they also used to cheat. The play  “Chal, Kapat, Dokha and Cheating” says the same thing that God carnations did cheating but to protect humanity. But nowadays, people use to cheat others  for their personal benefits only.
This was an experimental play which was satirically written and directed by Ravinder Sharma. The cast of this play was Rashmi Jasrotia, Vandana, Abhishek Sharma, Aditya pandita, Manjeet Singh, Samdhish Kumar, Shubam Singh Nag and Sandeep Manhas.
The festival was successfully organized by Ravinder Sharma under the guidance of Dr Sudhir Mahajan and the dedicated team of Samooh Theatre, which includes Vishal Singh, Devanshu Raina, Sandeep Thakur, Prashant Razdaan, Mohit Kotwal, Sakshi Koul, Aashima Dutta, Rohan Sharma, Neha Langeh, Rohit Bains, Chetan Charak.


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