French reality TV cast among 10 killed in Argentine crash

BUENOS AIRES, Mar 10:  Two helicopters have collided in mid-air in northern Argentina, killing 10 people including cast members filming a French reality show, officials said.
“There are several French nationals among the victims. So far we only know of two Argentine victims,” La Rioja province government spokesman Disel Cuneo told.
Another provincial spokesman, Horacio Alarcon, said that the two helicopters appeared to have collided during filming.
“There are no survivors,” he added.
Alarcon said the weather conditions were good and the cause of the crash was unknown.
The crash yesterday happened in a mountainous part of La Rioja, whose scenic landscapes are popular with tourists, around 1,100 kilometres north of the capital Buenos Aires.
Argentine media showed the wreckage of the two helicopters in flames on the dry scrubland. (AGENCIES)


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