Frame model Solid Waste Management Bye-laws

It is essential that the problem of Solid Waste Management is addressed on war footing is what the Division Bench of State High Court has very recently observed. The topography of the State being of a peculiar nature, the difficulties in respect of management of Solid Waste assumes special significance. Garbage and solid waste has always been a major issue in terms of what to be done with it. The Division Bench comprising Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice Rajesh Bindal has, therefore, directed the State to frame model Solid Waste Management Bye laws within a period of six weeks and that the same be circulated to all local bodies for adoption.
There is no dearth rather any decline in heaps of garbage, rubbish, refuse and discarded materials resulting from households, factories and other places which we see almost everywhere in lanes, localities and even in and nearby disposal bins on busy roads. No doubt, the same is tried to be removed and transported to dumping sites in the open but without treating them or processing them afterwards. There should be a mechanism for recycling process of the material that does not fall in the category of absolute garbage or trash. Improper disposal or management of solid waste can lead to pollution of the environment, outbreak of diseases, insanitary conditions and allied problems. A set of guidelines, bye laws and proper methodology in its management is, therefore, required.
It is in this context, hearing a Public Interest Litigation, the Division Bench took a serious view that for full two years since the relevant Rules were notified , the Bye Laws have not been framed. In fact, the Bench has asked for model Bye Laws to be framed and an action plan prepared for e-waste management for Jammu city. The Municipal Corporation would place before the court the suggested action plan and the proposed norms. However, apart from the above it is every one’s duty to take every possible step towards minimizing the generation of solid waste.


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