For Congress ‘Family above Nation’: Rana

Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana addressing a gathering in Jammu on Sunday.
Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana addressing a gathering in Jammu on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Mar 31: Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana today lashed out at the Congress for promoting India inimical political discourse in sheer frustration after remaining out of power for a decade since 2014 with prospect of no scope for comeback in future as well.
“The rout of the Congress in the national politics owes its genesis to, inter alia, Parivarvaad that dented the Indian ethos hugely”, Rana said while addressing prominent members of Gujjar community of Tehsil Bhalwal here this evening along with Omi Khajuria, District President Jammu North.
He said the Congress’s anthem of family above nation virus has infected I.N.D.I Alliance partners in a big way, which is why they are desperately struggling for their survival and relevance in Indian polity
Rana said the Congress’s priority to Gandhi Parivar above those who sacrificed their lives for the nation is the sole reason for the debacle of the so-called grand old party, which Mahatma Gandhi had wished to be disbanded immediately after the independence. Instead of learning lessons from the fate of the Congress, the like minded parties with dynastic genes have followed the suit and ganged up to save their outfits and escape punishment for their acts of omission and commission, he said, adding that this vicious ecosystem may tolerate things against the nation but not tolerate anything against their families.
Devender Rana said that the Congress’s loyalty towards its first family played havoc with democratic ethos of the country and its rumblings are echoing even now when the party has lost sheen and grace. He held the Congress responsible for all ills across the country in general and Jammu and Kashmir in particular, which witnessed mayhem and disaster besides unprecedented instability for over two decades till the abrogation of Article 370.
He said the landmark political developments of August 5, 2019 integrated Jammu and Kashmir with the rest of the country emotionally and psychologically, ending the era of deprivation of marginalized segments of society besides discrimination of various regions and sub-regions. The abrogation of special status bade farewell to gender bias also. He said the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A demonstrated the firm will of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah to accomplish BJP’s mission of “One India and Nation First”, unlike the Congress and its ilk “Family First and Nation Last”. The determination and resolve with which the central leadership went ahead with the agenda of transforming Jammu and Kashmir is hugely discernible now, in every sphere of activity, he added.