Focus on real issues than films: c Gupta on ‘Padmavati’ row

I was not sure about playing a negative character: Esha Gupta
I was not sure about playing a negative character: Esha Gupta

MUMBAI: Actor Esha Gupta said it is unfortunate how people are taking mileage out of the “Padmavati” controversy, instead of focusing on more important issues in the country.
Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s period drama is being targeted by several Rajput outfits and political leaders, who have accused the filmmaker of “distorting history” and hurting sentiments.
Bhansali and Deepika Padukone, who plays the title role in the film, have also received death threats for the same.
Asked about how she views death threats being issued to a fellow actor, Esha told reporters, “In India, right now no one says ‘we will ban this or that’ when a rape happens, but a film is getting so much mileage because even these people know that they will get mileage out of a movie.
“They don’t think rape is that important. They should focus on actual social issues.”
The “Baadshaho” actor said these are strange times as people are offended over trivial matters.
“People are getting offended by everything – what you eat, wear, who you are sleeping with… They get offended by these things because they have nothing to do in their life,” she said.
Esha herself has been trolled on social media several times but the actor has always given it back to the troublemakers.
“I won’t say that’s (what I do is) revenge because I don’t think they are even important for me to take any revenge. But if I have the confidence… Why not just go for it? Trolls are just five per cent (on social media). Ninety- five per cent (people) love me so, I will concentrate on that,” she added.
The actor was speaking at the launch of Candy Crush Jewellery by Dream Theatre and Mrinalini Chandra. (AGENCIES)


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