Fire incidents in vehicles

Like other cities of the country, Jammu also is witnessing fire incidents in vehicles, mostly cars. It happens while the car is running alongwith its occupants or it could also happen when the vehicle is parked. There are various reasons for such fires but the chief reason is short circuiting in the wiring which takes place as a result of tampering with wires, cutting them or connecting them afterwards loose and leaving the joints uncovered, untaped. Those cars which originally were not manufactured as AC cars, are made as such locally which could cause fire or could be the car has been running with full occupancy for hours together and is too much heated. Reasons could vary from case to case but the need is to take care.
It appears that the State is having very few traffic personnel as during most of the time even on important points various traffic violations are committed but the offenders go scot free as there is no one from the traffic or MVD to book the offenders. Likewise,  violations could be detected in time which had potentially of causing fires, hence more traffic police and vigilant personnel must be on the roads to monitor smooth traffic.
Last but not the least, public awareness on these fires in vehicles must be undertaken by the Traffic Police and other authorities concerned.
Yours etc…
Sukhwinder Singh
Nanak Nagar,


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