Finance Deptt releases remaining 50 pc funds under District Capex for DDCs

Calls for focus on Schemes funded under CSS, PMDP, NABARD
*Ban on engagement of casual workers to stay

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 5: The Finance Department today ordered release of further 50 percent of funds under District Capex (Regular Component) out of balanced expenditure of 2020-21 in favour of the District Development Commissioners for ongoing works and non-construction activities to be completed during current financial year or, at the most, in next financial year.
An order to this effect was issued today by Financial Commissioner (Finance Department) Dr Arun Kumar Mehta.
The Finance Department has directed the DDCs to pay due attention towards implementation of scheme funded under the Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS), Prime Minister’s Development Programme (PMDP) and NABARD which are shared on 90:10 basis.
Though there will be no restriction on expenditure, but it will be restricted to the extent of funds authorized by the Finance Department, the Government order said. However, for expenditure on vehicles and furniture, the DDCs will require specific permission from the Finance Department.
“The DDCs/Controlling Officers/AOs, before authorizing funds through BEAMS will ensure that the ongoing works and non-construction activity has been initiated after following due e-tendering procedures,’’ the order read and added that in no case the funds will be released to clear any past liability and the same, if any, shall be referred to the Finance Department for appropriate action.
The Finance Department directed the Treasury Officers to ensure that all codal formalities have been fulfilled and all documents like e-tendering etc are in place while entertaining the bills through the ‘JKPaySys’.
“Execution of works will be taken up strictly for approved activities only within the approved cost and no liability will be created ensuring financial discipline in the system. The DDC/Controlling Officer will be personally responsible for any liability created on account of un-approved/un-authorized works,’’ the order further said.
It added that all works/schemes must be supported with technically vetted Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) and prepared by executing agencies in close consultation with the user agency.
The projects/ schemes shall be executed and completed strictly within the timeline as stipulated in the tender document and as fixed by the Competent Authority” the order said and added that the departments shall ensure that the expenditure against the authorized funds, are made in stipulated timeframe.
The ban on engagement of casual workers, need based workers, etc shall continue to be in force. All development/ Capex release orders issued by the DDCs/ Controlling Officers shall invariably have the condition that the Departments shall refrain from making fresh engagements under projects/ schemes, the Finance Department directed.
It said there shall be no expenditure on revenue or revenue-like components out of District Capex Budget. The expenditure shall be debited to the appropriate Head of Account as provided in the Demand for Grants and available on the BEAMS portal.
“All DDCs/ Controlling Officers/ DDOs shall ensure uniform pace of expenditure during the financial year so as to avoid rush of expenditure at the fag end of the financial year 2020-21. The executing agencies while preferring bills to Treasuries shall invariably ensure photographic evidence of all works pre, during and post execution alongwith latitude-longitude coordinate/ geo-tagging of the project location for its uploading into system as devised for the purpose,” the order read.
It asked the executing agencies to comply to standing guidelines/ instructions on lockdown measures in the UT of J&K.
The funds shall not be utilized for the schemes/ projects approved for funding through JKIDFC under languishing project scheme and these projects/ schemes stand deemed to be excluded from District Capex Budget, as per the order.
It said the Finance Department is in process of authorizing 50% funds under District Capex out of approved BE 2020-21 in respect of new works provided completion of the same can be ensured by the District Development Commissi-oners during the current financial year or next financial year.
Accordingly, the DDCs shall furnish a list of new works to be completed during the current financial year or next financial year for release of funds within the approved Capex District Budget 2020-21.