Film Industry in J&K

Films among other things preserve the language, art and culture of a region where they are made, unfortunately, Jammu and Kashmir despite being so Culturally diverse did not have the local film industry or the Government patronage. There is no dearth of talented film makers in Jammu and Kashmir, in fact many talented film makers have bagged international awards thus proving their worth and mettle. They have done so at the expense of investing enormous amounts without any returns thus incurring huge losses. They have done so because they are passionate about film making and preserving the art, culture and language of this region.
The Film Policy which was recently unveiled by the Government has generated new hopes and aspiration among the talented film makers of Jammu and Kashmir. The independent film makers welcome this historic decision which will prove a milestone in establishing a film industry in Jammu and Kashmir. It will not only generate employment for the youth but also preserve our cultural identity which is so diverse and unique. To safeguard the interests and to present the problems to the concerned authorities all independent film makers need to be heard as one single voice.
Independent Film Makers
Jammu & Kashmir