Fight against corruption

The fight against corruption and complacency cannot go together side by side. Another ACB charge sheet was presented but returned for further investigations. The case belongs to Rural Development Department for the years 2001-2006 with thousands of cement bags and quintals of steel embezzled against false and duplicate entries and FIR was filed in the year 2012. The sham and shoddy investigation went on and on for ten years with six different IOs handling the case but the end result charge sheet raises more questions on the conduct of the investigation by ACB. Too many open-ended loopholes but no subsequent answers. Three BDOs are in question during the embezzlement period but no one is charge-sheeted. Ten lakh worth of material got swindled and even after sixteen years except storekeeper ACB couldn’t find the accomplices of the said fraud through a certain amount of money and swindled material stands recovered and BDOs countersigned the fraudulent entries. The matter needs a thorough investigation not only at the BDO Barnoti level but at the ACB level also as teams of senior officers are unable to guide lower officers for proper investigation. GoI and LG Administration have a zero-tolerance policy against corruption and corrupt, as such these types of investigations are not in sync with what is required of ACB, the premier agency for the fight against corruption. These corruption cases ought to be of exemplary prosecution, a deterrent for future fraudsters, thanks to the Anti Corruption Courts who time and again intervene to make even investigators accountable. These are serious corruption cases which hamper the course of development at the ground level and result in substandard quality work. Time for introspection at all levels, some mechanism has to be developed now.