I feel lucky to have worked with Keith Richards: Sheryl Crow

LOS ANGELES, July 13:  Singer Sheryl Crow said she is one lucky artiste to have collaborated with rock legend Keith Richards.
The 55-year-old songstress said working with the founding member of The Rolling Stones on her latest album, ‘Be Myself’ was a “real treat” for her, reported Billboard.
“It’s just unusual that you get that kind of opportunity where it’s not just, ‘Here, let’s just email the track’ and not get a chance to work on it together. I got to go to New York and hang out in the studio for two days with Keith Richards.
“Who lives like that? I am the luckiest person I can think of in the whole wide world. I am never not humbled by it. I just feel so lucky, an to have been embraced by these people in the early days of my career and be able to ask them to come play as we get older is a real treat,” Crow said. (PTI)


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