The Fear of Failure

Saloni Gupta

Franklin Roosevelt once said, “Fear the Fear” itself as nothing incapacitates a person like it. Fear is like black magic which enthrals and takes a person within its grip and masters control over his heart and mind, thus the refraining him from embracing what his heart relishes.
Failure comes with fear as the latter kills the drive in one to go for multiple endeavours. It’s well said that “The person who fails is the one who never tries”. The fear of failure darkens the charm of optimism within one’s soul.
It brings in negativity which ultimately results in loss and hardships. The people who are susceptible to the disease “Fear” fails to muster strength and control over the chain of success. Fear has irresistible power and thus makes one helpless and hapless.
Self-Doubt acts as an inseparable host of failure. It discourages one and blemishes the desire in one to reach the pinnacle of success.
In order to subdue the fear of failure one should learn to challenge fear and conquer it. As they say the “Right angle to approach a difficult problem is the“ Try angle”. One should always try to govern ones fears, thus suppressing them and attaining victory over them- meditation, high degree of optimism, self-belief, consistent efforts and exemplary courage are the exquisite ways of out showing one’s potentials, capabilities and efficiencies. Following these steps one can have a degree of assurity that the fear has taken farewell from their body and soul.
Fear of failure is a part and parcel of one’s life, but the one who learns to overpower fear proves himself as a mastermind and succeeds in all endeavours of life.
“The person who eclipses fear never let go off the opportunities knocking at his door”


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