Farmers protests losing sheen

Mukerjee Sharma
Various Indian farmers union launched an agitation to protest against three laws recently passed by the Govt. in order to improve the economic condition of the farmers. This was done to full-fill the policy of the BJP govt. to double the income of the farmer as announced by the Govt. Earlier Farmers demanded for the abrogation of all the three laws passed in the Parliament with the plea that the Govt. has favoured the big -big companies by giving relaxation in MSP, doing away with the hoarding of agricultural produce and easing the term and condition of contact farming, as these laws will hamper their income. They have apprehension that their land will be taken away by the companies/cooperator sectors.
They mobilized very good gathering and garner the support of opposition parties as well as the people in states like Punjab, Haryana, U.P, MP, Maharashtra and Karnataka at large scale and moderate in other state. Government took serious note of it and invited them for talk. This process started and number of meeting were held for the last one month or so. Govt. assured and offered the that Govt. purchase at MSP will continue, environmental laws regarding pollution caused by burning crop residual of wheat and paddy will be eased out and finally offered for keeping the laws in abeyance for two years.
Apex Court also stayed the laws passed and advised the farmers to send women, children and elders back to their homes. It was felt that the imbroglio will be settled in good environment but farmers did not move an inch from their stiff stand of abrogating the laws in totality. Agitation entered 60th day and agitators gathering surrounding Delhi swelled to about 50000 along with tractors, vehicles and allied paraphernalia. Framers organized well planned dharans along with their tractors and vehicles equipped with all facilities of day to day life. About 100 farmers lost their life, mainly due to severe cold of the winter. The way the farmers coordinated their agitation and facilities provided is beyond the imagination of common man and it is being felt that they are not only farmers. There are also rumors that they are supported by foreign agencies and some anti-national forces. By the time Republic day approached, Farmers made demand of organizing tractors rally on Republic day in Delhi. Govt. of India after due deliberation decided to allow tractor rally on some terms and condition on specified route. Farmers held meetings with the Delhi Police and agreed on terms and conditions happily. The DD-day came i.e 26th, January and tractor rally of lakhs of tractors along with laces of farmers started with all fun and fare i.e decoration of tractors with national and farmers unions flags as well as balloons and other confetti.
When I saw this on T.V I got an impression that two Republic Days are being celebrated in Delhi i.e is one on Raj path and other on outer ring. To me, who belongs to a farmer family was really a matter pride that how much our fraternity has progressed and cultured in seven decade after independence. I have seen and witnessed the miserable conditions of farmers, penury in social life, totally devoid of resources to organize such mega event in a very planned and elegant manner. It was really distinctly different from the earlier agitation done by the farmers or others. It was quite shocking for the Govt. when farmers became berserk and took the law in their hand, changed the routes by breaking barrier, charged police with lathies, Swords and bulldozing with tractor whatsoever came in their way and even chased police persons and reporters with speedy tractor. The situation became so awkward and precarious when a section of agitators geharoed and entered the Red Fort. Agitators thronged the Red Fort, climbed like raiders hoisted religious/ Kissan Union flag after throwing away the National flag. It was really unbelievable on behalf of the farmers the way they had showed mannerisms and maturity in organizing the agitation and bringing it to such a level as well as had cornered the Govt. to agree for amendment and relief., The Apex Court had also given relief to the farmers and pulled up the Govt by saying that if the laws are not kept in abeyance then these will be stayed and thereafter kept laws on hold.
In spite of that what prompted the farmers to go far such unpleasant and anti-national step is really full of many doubts. The ill intention of some elements/ organizations needs probe and action against the antinational elements/ forces need to be taken. To conclude farmers lost their bearing and spoiled the long efforts made by them. Not only that they have disgraced the farmers community who are known for their simplicity, integrity and esteemed position in nation building. It was because of this that farmers of the country got the position in a the famous slogan of Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan.