Farmers earning less than before but Govt waiving unpaid loans of cronies: Yechury

NEW DELHI, Dec 3: The Modi Government is focussed on waiving unpaid loans of its cronies and abetting their escape from the country even as farmers income has gone down, CPI (M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury alleged Monday.
Expressing concern over media reports on the country’s rural distress, Yechury in a tweet said farmers are earning less than what they were before.
“GDP deflator for agriculture is negative for the first time in many years which means that farmers are earning less than what they were before. But Modi govt is focused on waiving off unpaid loans of cronies and abetting escape of looters,” Yechury tweeted.
He further alleged that the Modi Government has hurt the sanctity of India’s data. “The Modi govt has not only destroyed India’s economy with its Jumlanomics, but it has also hurt the credibility of India’s data. We demand that this fraudulent data be withdrawn,” tweeted Yechury.
India’s economy grew at 7.1 per cent in July-September, lowest in three quarters. (PTI)


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