Fantasy Sports App Howzat: A Platform to Play Online and Win Rewards Daily

You may have grown up wanting to be the next Sachin Tendulkar or Mithali Raj or Virat Kohli. Unfortunately, no more than a couple of dozen players are part of an India squad at any one time, and making it to one is probably now harder than flying to the moon. But that doesn’t mean your cricket dreams are over. They just need to take another form. A fantasy sports game app like Howzat gives you a ringside view of the action and helps you experience the real-time thrill that the players feel out on the field. In a country where more than 13 crore citizens now play at least one fantasy game, there are dozens of fantasy sports apps out there. What then makes Howzat stand out, and why should it be your preferred option? Here, we look at some of the reasons.

Easy-to-use interface

Nothing about Howzat is messy or complicated. The registration process is simple and straightforward, and doesn’t involve jumping through multiple hoops. Once you’ve added some sort of identity proof, you’re ready to join the fun and games. Needless to say, the interface is also secure, with no chance of identity theft or any other such concerns.

Ease of crediting and withdrawing funds

It’s always advisable while you familiarize yourself with the app to play multiple practice games so that you know how things work. But once you’re confident of a strategy that will work, you can enter the lucrative contests that give you an opportunity to win fabulous cash prizes. There are multiple ways to add funds to your Howzat wallet – through net banking, UPI, cards and other means. Almost every such deposit also earns you a bonus, which can then be used to play cash contests. When you win, the process of withdrawing money is equally easy. As long as you’ve provided a valid bank account, the funds will reach that in no time.

Practice makes perfect

Howzat allows you to play unlimited practice games along with entering the cash contests. If it’s a sport or tournament you’re not that familiar with, these practice games, where you can enter up to 40 different teams in a contest, are a real boost. Trying out different combinations will help you understand that fantasy sports aren’t quite the same as the real deal. If you want to play fantasy cricket and win real cash, the kind of XI you choose will be markedly different from a traditional cricket team. It may not have any opening batters, or it may be packed with all-rounders. Either way, you have the kind of leeway and flexibility actual cricket selectors don’t get.

Cricket is not the only sport

Given the pan-Indian following cricket enjoys, it’s only natural that the majority of Howzat users play cricket-based contests. But there’s more to the app than that. The Indian Kabaddi League also commands a loyal following, and for the two months or so that it’s played, thousands of users select their fantasy kabaddi 7s as well. The contests now extend to the Yuva Kabaddi League as well.

Similarly, Howzat allows you to take part in contests based on football matches played in many countries. The English Premier League and Indian Football League matches may get the biggest following, but you can also enter contests based on Spanish football, football played in the United States and so on. Later in the year, there will be World Cup-based contests too.

Cricket nirvana

If cricket is your chosen sport, though, there really is never a dull moment throughout the year. India’s international matches and the 2-month-long Indian T20 League obviously have pride of place when it comes to coverage, but Howzat offers the hardcore cricket fan so much more. For India matches and Indian T20 League games, you will find detailed predictions that tell you of the teams’ head-to-head records, players to watch out for and much else. But even when there is no Indian involvement, there are contests aplenty to entertain you. Howzat features matches from other T20 leagues around the world – in England, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, the UAE and elsewhere. In addition to that, there are contests around every major international series or tournament. For example, in June 2022, apart from India’s contests with South Africa, you can also take part in competitions based on Sri Lanka vs. Australia, England vs. Netherlands and so on. Later in the year, there will be comprehensive coverage of the T20 World Cup in Australia, just as there was of the women’s World Cup held earlier in 2022.

Build your community

Part of the fun of playing Howzat is how it allows you to test your cricket knowledge against the very best. In some cases, that might involve playing with World Cup winners like Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Harbhajan Singh and Irfan Pathan. You may not have managed to get on a field with them, but you can show that your understanding of the game and its nuances is no less. You can also invite friends and colleagues to play and have your own little mini leagues and contests. With so much sport now played around the year, there’s always something to interest everyone. So what are you waiting for? Download the Howzat app, register, create your teams and get playing. We promise you’ll never watch sport the same way again!