Family Health Insurance Plans for 2023

Family Health Insurance Plans

Everything, from the air we breathe to the food we consume, has been altered, consciously or unconsciously. As a result, India’s sickness rate is rapidly increasing. In addition, the rising expense of high-quality healthcare means that the average person’s lifetime savings can be depleted in just a few treatments. Family health insurance coverage kicks in at this point.

Health insurance plans for family protect every member of your family from unexpected medical costs on an individual or floater sum insured basis. Medical coverage plans for families are available at Niva Bupa with various unique perks, a vast network of cashless hospitals, and quick claim processing.

What is Family Healthcare Insurance?

A single policy covers all members of your family under a particular category of health insurance known as a family health insurance plan. This plan divides a certain insured sum among all family members in anticipation that not everyone would get ill simultaneously. Most family health policies cover pre and post-hospital care, cashless hospitals, and maternity benefits.

Reasons to Buy the Best Family Health Insurance Plans

Healthcare is costly nowadays, and inflation is significant. You must get the best health insurance plans for your family if you want to safeguard the future of your loved ones or lessen the financial load of medical costs in the case of an emergency. Furthermore, you can buy medical insurance for your family and yourself. It may be challenging to pick one because of this.

The team of skilled insurance consultants at Niva Bupa can assist one in picking the finest insurance plan to fit one’s healthcare requirements. The company’s best family health insurance plans will pay for your medical expenditures, childcare costs, coronavirus-related treatment costs, and other charges.

Best Family Health Insurance Plans in India

Many life insurance policies are provided by the organisations in India, but it is difficult to choose the one that best suits the requirements. Below mentioned are some of the family medical insurance coverages provided by different organisations.

1. Niva Bupa Heartbeat Plan

A comprehensive medical insurance plan, the Heartbeat Policy is provided by Niva Bupa and is available in Gold, Silver, Platinum, and FamilyFirst versions. The variations differ in features and the extent of the money covered, but they all provide excellent coverage advantages at reasonable charges. These variations offer insured choices ranging from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore. Depending on your needs, you may purchase the policy as an individual or family floater. Some of these benefits include hospital cash, critical illness coverage, personal accident coverage, e-consultations, and expanded geographic coverage.

2. Niva Bupa Health Premia Policy

Providing the insured and their family with excellent coverage, Niva Bupa Health Premia is one of the best health insurance plans for family. This health plan has all the features one may anticipate. Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the three variations of the plan that are offered. One can select the level of coverage that best meets their needs because the highest Sum Insured for this specific plan is Rs. 3 crores.

3. Niva Bupa GoActive Plan

Being healthy is vital for having a good life. One such step to assist you in maintaining your general health and receiving the best care in India is to get a comprehensive insurance plan like Niva Bupa GoActive. You may choose from various advantages for you and your family under the health insurance plan, which is adaptable to your requirements. It is a reasonably priced family insurance plan that entitles you to coverage for up to four children, your spouse, and your entire family.

4. Aditya Birla Active Health Platinum Plan

For 60 days and 180 days, respectively, the Active Health Platinum plan from Aditya Birla insurance will pay for inpatient, pre-hospital, and post-hospital costs. The price of daycare, in-home hospitalisation, hospitalisation by ambulance, organ donation, and a second opinion for critical conditions are also covered. Additionally, it offers wellness programme services and services for reloading sum guaranteed.

5. Bharti AXA Smart Super Health Insurance Policy

This insurance program has three versions: Value, Classic, and Uber. Some of the key advantages of the Uber plan’s coverage include hospitalisation coverage, Ayush Treatment coverage, domestic hospitalisation, a 5% to 25% no-claim renewal discount, coverage for critical illnesses, a recovery benefit for critical illness insurance or dread disease, and domestic air ambulance coverage.

6. Bajaj Allianz Family Floater Health Policy

With only a few easy qualifying conditions, this plan offers maximum coverage of Rs. 10 lakhs. Each year without a claim, up to a maximum of 5%, is rewarded by the insurance with a bonus of up to 50%. The Income Tax Act’s Section 80D provides the plan with additional income tax benefits. There is a 15-day grace period if the insurance is not renewed promptly. All family members are covered under this single plan because it is a family health plan.

In a medical emergency, healthcare coverage is a safeguard that will preserve your funds and allow you to recover. You must examine several plans based on your family’s requirements if you want to obtain the best family health insurance plans in India for you and your loved ones.