Expression of love with flowers

Ashok Gupta

There are many ways for expressing love and affection. It may be through expensive gifts like Diamond ring, gold gifts and many other options available in the market, but expressing love through plants and flowers is the best of all available options. Being a floriculturist I have special preference for flowers and plants.
Do you know that plants and flowers have a secret language? Every plant and flower has particular meaning and can be used to express your thoughts and emotions. We often gift Red Roses which signifies love and passion.
If you find someone attractive and want to tell them that you like him/her, try to present them a light pink Rose that represents  desire, joy and passion. If it is love at first sight? Then be sure to select a thorn less Rose. If he/she is your secret love then choose Gardenia or Acacia.
To express friendship and innocence rather than romantic love, there are some great options. Ivy signifies friendship. To express the joy of friendship select a yellow Rose. If you want to say how much someone’s friendship means to you then give him or her Irses.
Are you looking for your soul mate? Consider planting some Phlox in your garden or placing container of them near your home’s entrance. The message conveyed by Phlox is “our souls are one”. Another popular plant according to Feng Sui experts is the Peony. It represents attraction romance, affection and brings exceptionally wonderful partners. Some other nice options is Jasmine. Further there is some list of plants and flowers with which you can express your love and affection.
*Camellia Pink:-Longing for you.
*Camellia Red:- you are flame in my Heart
*Carnation Pink:- I will never forget you
*Daffodil:- the sun is always shining when I am with you.
*Gardenia:- You are lovely, secret love.
*Orchid:-‘Love, beauty and beautiful lady.
*Pink Rose:-Perfect Happiness.
*Red Rose:-I love you.
For the boys and girls who have a hard time expressing their love and expressions, let the beautiful flowers and plants speaks for you.
Do you want to declare your love? A bouquet of Red Tulip, Red Roses, and Red Carnation will do the magic for you. If the love of your life doesn’t understand the language of flowers, put a little note that helps him/ her understand the message you want to convey with Flower and Plant.
So next time when you pass by a Florist or Nursery, think about the messages of the plants and language of Flowers. Let them help you express your feelings of love while bringing more romance into your life. Let your Love Blossom!
(The author is Deputy Director Floriculture)


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