Expectations from new Government

Sunaina Malik
Jammu Kashmir is the solitary state of Indian, which is constituted of three socially, ethnically, demographically, religiously and conventionally diverse areas, in the form of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. City of Jammu consists of  people, believing in Hindu philosophy. Kashmir valley is inhabited by the people having Muslim faith and people of Ladakh region, follow  Budhism in their lives. God has knitted all the three regions into a single thread and presented a striking example of, unity in diversity, for the whole world. But to our bad luck, Jammu Kashmir, which is privileged as, heaven on earth, has been facing  terrorism for the past 65 years. Terrorism along with other political factors have rendered our state , at the losers position, in the contest of,  development, education, expertise and innovation. But our new coalition Government of PDP and PJP has appeared as (Eid Ka Chand) for each and every inhabitant of J&K. This alliance has filled the  hearts of  people of all the three regions of state with infinite number of hopes and aspirations. Following are some of main aspiration of a Aam Adami of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.
* A common man in all the cases would aspire for simply one thing and that is the reduction in inflation, so that he would be able to feed of his family and would be able to, do some savings for the domicile, vigor and edification of his children.
* The second aspiration of a common man of J&k is generation of employment. Every year, the mesh of colleges and universities, across the state, is producing, ample number of literate youth. This knowledgeable lot is wandering in the pursuit of jobs every where, but I am very apologetic to say, that our previous Government has put a greatest impediment in the way of employment by mounting retirement age by two years. As our resources of employment are restricted, so our new Govt. should annul this two years increase  in retirement age.
Maintenance of tranquility and communal harmony is also one of the aspirations of our common state subject. Kashmir being the capital of state during summer and Jammu, during winter and during this swing, we all have to share, the same markets, same roads, same public transport, same banks. This sharing is possible when communal harmony will be maintained. Our new Government along with civil society should take every possible stride in the continuation of communal harmony, amongst the people of diverse faith
Today every common man of our state is aspiring for getting as much labour as he can but irony here is that, across the state we see, all the gigantic projects like construction of roads, big buildings and even houses are constructed by people from out of state. So our fresh Government should look in to the matter. By providing day labor to people of J&K, Government can condense the lumber on employment.
Common man is also aspiring for maximum power supply in their homes particularly during winter, because it is very hard to pass life during chilling winter condition, with out electricity
The only thing which the people of Kashmir valley would aspire, at this point of moment is the erection of brawny  embankment, along the sides of river Jehlum. Because kashmir in no case would be able to face that appalled visage of flood once again.
Flood victim across the state are want for reimbursement of their loses, as soon as possible
People of Jammu and ladakh are aspiring for the execution of their long pending yearning,  that is the equivalent allocation of funds amid all the three regions of state
Common man of the state is also aspiring for the permanent adjustment of contractual employees, because a man in no case can manage his family expenses in an amount of 3000 per month.
Common man is also looking ahead for the institution of three tier system in our state. Decentralization of powers can build up the infrastructure of our villages in a much better way. So we all; appeal to the coalition govt., to step ahead for the establishment of 73rd amendment of Panchayati Raj Act.
Common man is also aspiring for the revival of, all the awaiting projects, like Railway lines, power projects etc etc, because he looks at this, as way of wages.
Last but not the least, we  all aspire for jobs, which could be promising, if our coalition ponder over the commercialization of fields like agriculture forestry  and water resources, poultry and milk industry. When our  state would be self sufficient in the production of eatables, then and only then, we could utilize our state income for raising the life standard  of natives across the State.
In the conclusion, I would like to say that, it is the right of every citizen to hope and anticipate from our elected Government that commonman’s grievances are redressed.


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