Expanding road network in J&K

The recent visit of Union Minister for Road, Highways & Transport, Nitin Gadkari to J&K contributed ample to roadways. It is because the visit had him launch the tunnel and announce the other four tunnels on Jammu & Srinagar National Highway which will reduce the distance comparatively as earlier. It is learnt that Srinagar to Jammu distance will be covered in 3 hours, Katra to Delhi in 6 hours and Delhi to Srinagar in 8 hours.
Besides, Gadkari took the stock of Zojila Tunnel termed by him Asia’s longest tunnel built at an outlay of Rs 7,000 crore connecting Kashmir valley with Ladakh. This sets an example of the comprehensive development era which aims at making roadways more convenient even as quite affordable.
Airways in layman’s language are beyond affordability and frankly speaking, the checking time consumed in the airport also steals comfort. Contrary to this, we have Heavy Motor Vehicles (HMVs) or even Light Motor Vehicles (LMVs) that ply with safety and time consumption is just a few moments behind the air service.
Advancement in the road network of J&K is conspicuous under the BJP regime. Recently, Nitin Gadkari made the announcement that road development projects more than worth Rs 1,25,000 crore are underway in J&K. He also announced that work on roadways and expressways is in full swing. More importantly, Nitin Gadkarisaid work on express highways amounting to Rs 40,000 crore connecting Jammu to Katra, Delhi and Amritsar is in progress.
It is quite obvious when anybody travels by roadways the site seeing is perfect which in case of air travel will not serve the cause.
As Union Minister for Road, Highways & Transport, Nitin Gadkari announced the umpteen projects, the faith to be highly aggrandized road network becomes much stronger. This was not vehemently feasible under previous regimes in J&K. The comprehensive road network contributes much to the social-economic growth of UT. This fastest means of communication serves the requisite cause and will be able to meet the requirements of people.
Speaking of tourism – it will for sure be taken a notch higher. The tourists find travelling through scenic areas much more vibrant and this will be possible through the roadways. Roadways serve the right purpose for anyone.
Besides, the businessmen who meet trouble while highways are blocked owing to inclement weather or some other reason will no more have to face the hardships.
Assembling all the facts, one can apparently say that the road network has become stronger and much efficient than any other network. And with Central Government prioritizing J&K, everything appears in good hands.
Sahil Bhat
Subash Nagar