Eradication of corruption

Unlawful and immoral acquisition of wealth and material falls in the family of corruption. Though the man is selfish by nature, yet law and morality where prevail, it never shows its head. With erosion of ethical values, particularly, in the recent times, has accelerated its speed manifold.
Materialism, the enemy of social and human principles, disturbs and destroys the traditional parameters of truth and justice, pre-requisite ingredients of a healthy society. From simply greasing of hands to multi-crore scams and embezzlements, the show reflects how the entire system is badly affected by the malice of corruption. Not only this, land mafia, the business world and others getting chance, don’t hesitate to violate the laws of the land, no matter even the golden human values are transgressed.
Actually, absence of fear from God has resulted into such social and moral degradation. No amount of stringent laws can reform the system until moral and social values are cultivated and inculcated in the society.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)


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