Enrichment programme in English

It is heartening to read that DPS Society organised a three day workshop on ‘Enrichment Programme for teaching of English for classes VI-VIII at DPS Jammu.Teaching of English, which is now an international language,requires the mastering of different skills such as listening,speaking,reading,writing etc.but generally what happens is that teachers lay focus only on reading and writing and ignore the skills of listening and speaking which are very essential for mastering any language, more so English which is a foreign language.As such, our students at school and college level lack proper communication skills, especially speaking skill in English which are so much important in the modern times.
Moreover, it is in the formative years that the linguistic habits of children are formed and last throughout life.Therefore, it is imperative that teachers teaching primary and upper primary classes are themselves well equipped with these skills so that these are inculcated in the children.The said workshop spread over three days and having various sessions having been addressed by experts must definitely have enhanced different skills of the teachers.Such programmes need to be organised more frequently for language teachers of different classes to develop their skills which will ultimately benefit our students. Government also ought to provide language labs in schools so as to develop the linguistic skills of our children.Moreover, teachers in good number should be deputed for undergoing special training courses in top institutes such as English and Foreign Languages University,RIEs etc to hone their skills and keep them abreast of latest teaching techniques.Student exchange programmes should also be organised to expose our students to new environs and broaden their outlook and expand their frontiers of knowledge as also help them master basic skills to teach English at different levels.
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Ashok Sharma,


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