Encroachment of UT land

After directions from Jammu & Kashmir High Court to the UT of Jammu and Kashmir Govt for investigation into the land grabbing of the erstwhile State land by may politicians and bureaucrats, the UT Govt has accordingly initiated probe in this scam.
In this scam as is revealed that several politicians and bureaucrats who stood close to power corridors managed to encroach the land. Roshni Act the Jammu & Kashmir State Land Act of 2001 has been termed as illegal and unconstitutional by the High Court of J&K UT as the powerful people managed benefits under the Roshni Act. It is apt to say here that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In a democratic polity, we are at a loss to understand how it stood concealed, so far. The situation depicts degradation. Since the list of beneficiaries from Roshni Act stands now exposed evication proceedings has to be initiated at an earliest so that faith of people remains linely.
S N Raina