Encourage transparency in banking

A bonafide move with potential to introduce and shape up a fair and healthy system which inspires confidence of a commonman has been maliciously misinterpreted and misrepresented as challenge to the integrity of the institution itself . The oligarchs in all times, have felt threatened by the concept of transparency. They absolutely abhor the concept of “Asking Question.” They are so afraid of it that they hide behind hallow- slogans and employ the dirty tricks of deception. Dishonestly inducing a common person to believe that it is in his interest to stay in the dark and let go of the right to ask questions. In a country which is obsessed with movies and cricket ,not so long ago ,we witnessed the historic example of judicial activism, when the Apex court brought the BCCI under the ambit of RTI and Article 12, making the most richest and arguably the most powerful sports body in the country amenable to the rule of law .Interestingly BCCI is neither a subsidiary nor in any way directly controlled by the ministry of sports. However, owing largely to the public nature of its functioning, the Apex Court in its wisdom directed to bring it under the scope of legislations to the scope of RTI . The contribution of BCCI towards shaping the future of youngsters especially in cricket is laudable .However, in order to enable aspirants for a rightful claim even if veils have to be lifted and liberties have to be restricted then it should not be taken as an offence or an attempt at Autonomy. On the contrary, a progressive society should always welcome transparency. Benevolence and philanthropy are the virtues in the eyes of God and men but if the same become an excuse for evading a moral responsibility then surely such a benovolence is just a sham. The interest of society at large can not be subservient to the interest of a certain class. We constantly curse and blame the times, we live in .Recently the country witnessed the episodes of Mehul choksi , Vijay Mallaya, Nirav Modi who fled the country with billions of public money leaving the banks , shareholders and the lot of other gullible and naive people of the country in lurch and wondering how these cheaters actually get away with this frauds. Some where down the line the answer lies in lack of transparency, reluctancy of banks to share information resulting in economic catastrophe.
What is holding us back, Is it hangover from the colonial era ?? Doesn’t the society win if the humblest of persons from the remotest of the places in the state or those figuring at the last spots of the queues get a right to ask questions.
The Prime Minister is implored to kindly encourage and support the Governor in this bold and brave endeavour to bring more transparency in the affairs of the state and Yes.. The youth of the state stand with decision of the Governor.
Tejinder Singh (adv.)
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